Flue Relining

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We are now proud to say we are a FULL home vent cleaning company. We can help you with almost any vent cleaning needs from Chimneys, Dryer Vents, and now Furnace Air Ducts. Our qualified staff is well trained and professional.
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We can repair, service, or replace just about anything to do with the vents in your home. We are primarily a chimney company, so we can take care of your chimney needs: from repairing deteriorated brick, small tuck pointing jobs, to large tear downs and rebuilds. Chimney Relining is also a very important service we offer. When a chimney sustains a flue fire or a quick heating of the flue it causes cracks in the lining. According to NFPA code 211 when the flue liner is cracked and or has bad mortar joints the chimney needs to be relined with approved material.

Flue Relining

When it comes to relining chimneys, we recommend stainless steel liners. Although we can install all types, steel is generally the most cost-effective and efficient option. Many times we are replacing old ceramic flues, so first we remove all ceramic tiles from the chimney with a tile breaker, allowing us to fit the proper size flue to your chimney. Many sweep companies install the liner inside of the old tile flue. This leads to a poor draft and no room to insulate the steel liner, which is necessary for a proper temperature control. After the ceramic tiles have been removed we install a National Chimney stainless steel flue liner and insulate it. After that, we head to the smoke chamber, where we make sure it is smoothly parged. If not, we parge it with Chambertech solution for a smooth draw and better draft. Relining a chimney usually means removing the chimney crown, so we repour a new crown or spray for you in your choice of design. We cover the stainless steel liner with a ceramic tile, giving your home the look of a traditional chimney with the efficiency and safety of a modern one. Once we cap your new flue, you can enjoy your new chimney immediately. Sleep Easy removes all debris and material from your home and leaves it cleaner than we found it. Our seasoned employees will answer any and all questions you have about chimney maintenance and up-keeping your new flue. To have your flue relined, call us today at 816-471-4435.

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