We Repair, Restore & Prevent Leaky Chimneys In Kansas City & Beyond

Do you hear the sounds of dripping water in your fireplace when it rains or snows? Is rust or efflorescence beginning to develop on your chimney’s exterior or the roof near the flashing? Have you discovered water stains on the ceilings or walls near your fireplace? Is vegetation or mold growing on your chimney stack?

As masons and chimney professionals, one of our top concerns is water damage from chimney leaks. Each leak can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages, and the more time that passes before a leak is detected and repaired, the higher those repair costs will be.

But, keeping your chimney in tip-top shape and ensuring water stays out doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. You just have to make sure that your crown or chase cover, chimney cap, flashing, and masonry are well cared for and protected. And with annual inspections and expert care from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified team at Sleep Easy, that’s not difficult.

Whether you’re looking for expert chimney cap repair near Kansas City or you’re unclear on how to diagnose and fix your chimney leak, Sleep Easy Chimney Service & Repair is the place to trust. Give us a call at 816-471-4435 or reach out online to learn more and get started today!

Are Chimney Leaks Preventable?

You bet. There are certain procedures and measures you can take to keep your system well-functioning and in good health. For instance, industry leaders like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the CSIA strongly recommend that homeowners have every chimney and venting system inspected by a certified professional at least once a year. Preventive services like annual inspections work to prevent chimney leaks by identifying weak or deteriorating areas before they spring a leak and cause significant damage.

Similarly, here at Sleep Easy, we also provide professional chimney waterproofing services created to safeguard your entire system against the elements. Specifically formulated for chimneys, the products we use are only available for professional application and are intended for the entirety of your structure’s exterior, including the crown, flashing, and masonry.

What Leak Repair Services Does Sleep Easy Provide?

All that being said, sometimes life happens and a leak forms. The talented chimney techs here at Sleep Easy are well-versed in chimney anatomy and know all of the parts and pieces most commonly associated with leaks. When you call on our team to fix your leaky chimney, you can expect our pros to get an up-close and personal look at the following vital chimney components:

  • Chase Cover or Crown – designed to cover the opening of your chimney that surrounds the exhaust flue, if your chimney crown or chase cover is cracked or damaged in any way, your entire system could suffer. 
  • Chimney Cap– in many ways, this piece is your chimney’s very first line of defense against Mother Nature; if yours is corroded, misshapen, or missing altogether, water has direct access to your structure’s most vulnerable area: the flue.
  • Flashing– one of the most underrated components working for the greater good of the chimney system, the flashing is designed to create a watertight seal between the roof and the chimney stack. When missing or damaged, this area is the perfect opportunity for water to seep in and wreak havoc.
  • Masonry– for as strong, sturdy, and long-lasting as masonry is, it is not impervious to water’s destruction. If your brickwork has not been properly and professionally waterproofed, the brick and the mortar holding it all together will suffer and can cause a domino effect of systemic damage.

No matter where the damage stems from, we’ll find it and fix it – fast. We know how much a leaky chimney can put a damper on your cozy evenings at home, so we make it our mission to repair existing damage and take measures to prevent any in the future. At Sleep Easy, we don’t make sloppy, temporary fixes – our repairs are effective and designed to solve the problem for good.

Are you a local homeowner scouring the web for “chimney leak repair Kansas City, MO”? Are you tired of the dripping and antsy to enjoy your appliance again? If so, Sleep Easy Chimney Service & Repair is the place to call. Reach us by phone at 816-471-4435 or fill out this appointment request form.

Don’t Wait — Call Sleep Easy & Get an Effective & Affordable Solution to Your Water Problems

No matter the source or severity of your chimney leak, the highly trained, knowledgeable, and patient team at Sleep Easy has the tools and expertise to find the source of water entry and close it off for good. With our help, you can trust that the leak will be repaired and that we’ll do our best to prevent any future damage, too – even if it means rebuilding the whole structure. When you work with the Sleep Easy team, you can trust that you’re getting thorough, high-quality, and professional service – with a smile!

Call 816-471-4435 or request an appointment online today. We’re here to help!


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