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Your fireplace and mantel are beautiful and well-maintained, but what about the actual firebox? Do smoke stains, cracks, creosote, flaking paneling, or other types of damage take away from the beauty of your living space? Is a damaged firebox making a cozy fire unsafe and unwise for you and your family?

The truth is, as strong and heat-resistant as your firebox was designed to be, it can be damaged after years of heat and moisture abuse. As the one area of the chimney and fireplace system that’s exposed to the most brutal temperatures, the firebox can crack, develop gaps, and crumble, worsening with time.

But it’s not just the heat that takes a toll on the firebox — it’s the moisture and creosote produced by the fire as well.

Moisture is present in the byproducts of wood, gas, and pellet appliances, and over time, this moisture can do a number on your firebox. Creosote (a byproduct of wood combustion) can damage the firebox as well. But no matter what’s caused your firebox damage, repairs can and should be made ASAP. Here’s why…

Why Firebox Repairs Should Be Scheduled ASAP

As the actual home of the fire itself, the firebox needs to be capable of completely containing all the heat, ash, smoke, stray sparks, burning embers, etc. produced by the fire. Its job is to protect nearby framing, drywall, and insulation from heat transfer and allow you and your family to safely enjoy time spent in front of the fire. But with cracks, crumbling walls or paneling, gaps, holes, or other damage present, the firebox can’t effectively insulate, protect, and contain. For your safety, you need a firebox that’s free of damage and in great shape. We can help.

We repair fireboxes by sealing up holes and filling gaps and cracks with strong, fire- and moisture-resistant refractory mortar. We also replace and repair refractory panels and firebrick so your entire firebox is free of creosote buildup, openings, and damage that could threaten your safety and enjoyment of the fire. What’s even better is our experts are skilled in masonry construction and can make sure your firebox isn’t just stronger and safer, but that it’s also more beautiful than ever before.

Damaged and soot covered firebox before repair

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Is your firebox in need of repair? Call Sleep Easy at 816-471-4435 or request an appointment online today. Our team of firebox repair and restoration experts will inspect and evaluate your system and provide you with a free estimate for repairs so you can budget and plan. We’re here to help Kansas City’s homeowners enjoy safer, more comfortable homes — let us know what you need and we’ll take great care of you and your home, guaranteed.


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