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Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Oak Grove, Bates City, Unity Village, and the areas surrounding have voted us the best chimney sweep on HomeAdvisor for the last several years. Let our dedicated sweeps make chimney cleaning, maintenance, and repair easy and stress-free for you and your family. 

Located on the east side of Fleming Park and Lake Tapawingo, just north of Lake Lotawana, and just south of William Landahl Park Reserve, Blue Springs boasts outdoor adventure, beautiful sights, and relaxing views everywhere you look. There’s Ward Park, Burrus Old Mill Park, Keystone Park, Wilbur Young Park, Rotary Park, and Pink Hill Park…if outdoor activities and adventure are your thing, it doesn’t get any better than Blue Springs.

But another great thing about the area is you don’t have to leave Blue Springs to get the things you need to make life and home great. Adams Dairy Landing has a wide range of stores to browse, so whether you need clothes, decor for your mantel, some new kitchen gadgets, or something else, you’re sure to find it. What about food? The areas has tons of great dining options to satisfy every craving.

Great outdoor activities, great shopping, great food, great homes – It’s pretty obvious why this fine city is one of the best places to live in the country. Those of us here at Sleep Easy enjoy every moment spent in Blue Springs and we’re pleased to offer our customers a long list of quality chimney and fireplace services. Ready to book? Call or reach out online now.

Everything We Offer for Optimal Fireplace Care

Is it time to have your chimney or venting system inspected, cleaned, or repaired? Whether you’re dealing with a frustrating chimney leak or you’re ready to add a new gas fireplace to your master suite, the certified and seasoned team at Sleep Easy can help.

How Do I Know if My Chimney Is Unsafe for Use?

Well, that’s just it: you don’t. Not really, anyway. Sure, there are occasions when it’s very clear that something is awry…you’re hearing water dripping down the flue, it sounds like there is scurrying coming from somewhere in your chimney, you’ve noticed that your fire is burning strangely, etc. But there are just as many cases where there is no indication of damage – and nothing that signifies a need for immediate attention and/or repair.

For this reason, unless you establish a routine fireplace and chimney maintenance schedule – which includes a chimney inspection – every year before you light your first fire, there is no way to confidently know the health and condition of your appliance. 

When it comes to proper chimney care, operating on instinct alone is not enough to ensure your system is creating, maintaining, and venting a fire in the safest way possible. It may be tempting to skip a year if your home is brand new or if you didn’t use your chimney much this past year – but don’t give in. A lot can go wrong behind the scenes, and even new chimneys can have issues, especially if corners were cut during installation.

It’s not worth the risk, especially when chimney inspections are affordable, fast, and the benefits are numerous. So invest in a chimney inspection every year, regardless of age or use. Trust the professionals at Sleep Easy for a job done right – we’ll give everything an in-depth examination and make sure you’re set up for success from the start.


We needed our chimney repaired and lined. Sleep easy showed up when they said they would. The guys were very careful about not making a mess and very cautious not to damage anything! I can’t say enough good things about them! Wonderful people and company! And the price I was quoted was the price I was charged and best of all my insurance company paid for it!

-Marsha T.

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