Chimney Inspections & Level II Video Inspections — Why They’re So Important & How We Can Help

Your chimney should be working efficiently and safely so you can get the most enjoyment from your fireside experience with the least amount of worry or risk. But without knowing what’s going on in there and what kind of condition the chimney system is in, lighting a fire in your fireplace could be riskier than you think.

That’s why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that every chimney/venting system, regardless of use, be inspected by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professional each and every year.

Here at Sleep Easy, we don’t want you to have to worry about the safety or health of your family, which is why we proudly offer two methods of chimney inspections, each designed to provide you with an overall evaluation of your chimney system. Here’s a little bit about each of the inspections our CSIA-certified sweeps provide:

  • Level I Inspections — Level I chimney inspections are visual inspections that don’t require any specialized tools. We’ll look at every easily accessible area of the chimney and fireplace, including the brickwork, the concrete crown at the top of the chimney, the flashing around the chimney and roof area, the chimney cap, the firebox, the smoke chamber, the damper, and as much of the flue as we can see with our high-powered flashlight. We recommend these inspections if your chimney and the attached appliance are working normally, you haven’t made any changes, and you’ve kept up with annual inspections and routine maintenance.
  • Level II Video Inspections — Level II inspections are just like level I inspections, except that we also run a camera through the flue system to look at the individual mortar joints and clay tiles. We can use this high tech camera inspection equipment to inspect dryer vents, hot water heater and furnace vents as well. This allows us a more comprehensive view and enables us to share our findings with you, the homeowner, including before and after videos and photos of our work. We recommend these inspections if you’re buying/selling a property, you’ve noticed or made changes to your system, you’ve experienced a chimney fire, or it’s been a while since you had your system thoroughly evaluated.

If we find any damage during an inspection or we find that the system needs a good cleaning, we’ll provide you with an estimate for cleaning and repairs.

hand holding high tech camera performing Chimney Video Inspection

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If you need a chimney or fireplace repair, our team is ready to help with that and every other chimney and fireplace service that’s required.

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