We Reline Chimneys With Stainless Steel — The Efficient, Cost-Effective, Long-Lasting Solution To Flue Damage

Damaged chimney liners, or sometimes called chimney flue liners, can cause a whole host of issues like these:

  • poor fireplace performance
  • smoke issues
  • poor draft and difficulty maintaining a good fire
  • heat transfer and damage to nearby framing
  • chimney and house fires
  • carbon monoxide exposure

Here at Sleep Easy, we don’t think you should have to worry about any of those things when you’re sitting down in front of the fireplace, which is why we work so hard to keep the chimney systems of our neighbors in Kansas City and the surrounding areas in tip-top shape. Our goal is to make your time spent in front of the fire safer, easier, and more convenient, and we know that the condition of the flue liner plays a big part.

What Is a Chimney Liner?

A chimney liner is a tube or sleeve that is installed inside a chimney flue. The three most common types of chimney liners are cast-in-place liners, clay tile liners, and stainless steel liners. But they all serve the same purpose:

  • Protect the masonry of the chimney from corrosive effects of smoke and combustion byproducts
  • Prevent heat transfer to nearby combustible materials
  • Reduce the risk of experiencing a chimney fire
  • Prevent carbon monoxide leaks
  • Improve venting efficiency

For several decades, chimneys were built with ceramic tile liners, which are affordable and effective. But over time, these ceramic tiles can be damaged by the heat and moisture of the fire or, in some cases, a chimney leak. What happens to these liners over time?

  • Cracks form in the tiles and in the mortar joints between them
  • Holes and gaps show up in the mortar joints between the tiles
  • Tiles spall or flake, falling into the flue and sometimes down into the fireplace

When holes, cracks, gaps, and flaking, misaligned flue tiles are present in the flue, you could experience all those issues listed above, which is why it’s so important that you keep up with annual inspections and have your flue relined if damage is present.

Ceramic and Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Infographic with a cracked ceramic brick liner on the left and a stainless steel liner on the left

Stainless Steel — The Liner That Will Last A Lifetime

Here at Sleep Easy, we recommend relining with stainless steel, as these liners are — by far — the most cost-effective and efficient option. They’re approved for use with all fuels and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes for a perfect fit. These liners also carry a lifetime warranty, so you won’t have to worry about budgeting for another reline in the near future.

How Do You Reline A Chimney?

In most scenarios, we’re replacing a ceramic tile flue, so we start by tearing out the old flue tiles using a tile breaker. While some companies skip this step and simply retrofit the new liner inside of the old, we’ve seen this lead to poor draft and little space for insulation — to us, taking the time to remove the old tiles is worth it because it provides peace of mind.

Once we’ve removed all the ceramic tiles, we install a National Chimney stainless steel flue liner, insulating it with foil refractory ceramic blankets. Once the new liner is in place and well insulated, we parge the smoke chamber smooth (if needed), replace the chimney crown, and cover the new flue with a high-quality chimney cap.

Our team removes all debris from the home and leaves it cleaner than we found it, so the only thing we’ll leave you with is a safer, more efficient home and chimney system.

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