We’ll Repair Your Smoke Chamber Right For A Safer, More Pleasant Fireside

When was the last time you had your fireplace and chimney inspected? Has it been 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? Inspections are the #1 chimney service you should be keeping up with because they can tell you so much about the safety, performance, and condition of your chimney system. One thing chimney inspections often reveal is smoke chamber damage. What is a smoke chamber you might ask? Well, it is the upside down funnel located just above the firebox but below the flue. Its one and only job is to funnel smoke from the fireplace up into the chimney.

What Are Common Causes of Damage to the Smoke Chamber?

Unfortunately, what oftentimes happens is the following:

  • Moisture & heat damage the smoke chamber — Heat from the fire, moisture from the fire, and moisture from chimney leaks can lead to cracks and decay within the smoke chamber. Once cracked and damaged, the smoke chamber can allow heat and byproducts of combustion (including stray sparks and hot embers) to access wooden framing, insulation, and other nearby combustibles. These openings can also allow gas and smoke to enter the home, which could lead to carbon monoxide exposure or smoke inhalation. Likewise, a damaged smoke chamber with a rough surface will slow the exit of smoke and lead to the backflow of smoke into the home and the production of more creosote, a highly flammable, highly corrosive deposit.
  • Creosote builds up inside the smoke chamber — Creosote is a tacky and flammable deposit that results from incompletely burned wood. These particles float up into the smoke chamber, and if smoke isn’t quickly removed, it can cool in this area and leave creosote deposits along the walls of the smoke chamber and flue. This deposit can be tricky to remove, especially if it has built up layer upon layer, but if it isn’t removed it can cause a rapidly spreading chimney fire, limit airflow/draft, and lead to even more creosote.

Another common cause of smoke chamber safety and performance issues is a flaw in design. For many years, smoke chambers were built with corbelled brick steps, which caused resistance for exiting smoke. This design resulted in smoke problems as well as the build up of even more creosote in the chimney system.

beige brick fireplace

How Do You Repair Smoke Chamber Damage?

The good news is that we can remove any creosote inside your smoke chamber, repair cracks, gaps, and damage, and even apply a smooth layer of refractory mortar to the interior surfaces of the smoke chamber. This is also known as parging the smoke chamber, and its purpose is to create a safer, more efficient system.

We use industry-leading Chamber-Tech to make repairs and seal cracks, fill holes, smooth rough patches, and leave you with a completely smooth, sealed, insulated smoke chamber. Have a corbelled smoke chamber? We can reshape it and get rid of those jagged edges and draft-reducing areas.

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