A Strong, Beautiful Chimney Is Still Possible With Sleep Easy Masonry Repairs & Rebuilds

Cracked, receding mortar joints. Flaking, crumbling brick. Masonry damage does happen over time. The problem isn’t just that damaged masonry is unattractive, it’s that you need your masonry chimney and fireplace to be in great shape so you can safely use it to heat your home. When damage is present in the chimney stack, the fireplace, or the firebox, your home could experience a chimney fire, extensive water damage, a smoky and unattractive fireside experience, and even a chimney collapse.

close up of hands laying bricks and mortar for a chimney rebuild

Here at Sleep Easy, we want to help you enjoy a safer, more beautiful chimney and fireplace, which is why we work hard to prevent masonry damage and offer long-lasting and fast solutions to existing masonry damage. Our team has been expertly trained to repair and restore masonry chimneys and fireplaces, no matter how minor or major the damage is. Our specialties include all of these:

  • Tuckpointing/Repointing — While the mortar that rests between the brick or stone of your chimney is durable, it’s simply not as durable as the brick or stone itself. With time and weather, these joints can crack, recede, or otherwise deteriorate, and when they do, the entire structure is weakened and made unattractive. What’s worse? If repairs aren’t made right, your chimney will gradually worsen and may even eventually collapse. Is it time to have your mortar joints repaired? Don’t make it a DIY job — instead call on Sleep Easy. We’re experts in tuckpointing and repointing and can carefully remove any damaged or deteriorating mortar. When replacing your mortar, we make every attempt to color match so your new mortar is as similar to the old mortar as possible. We’ll tightly pack this new mortar in so you can enjoy a beautiful chimney that’s strong enough to last.
  • Chimney Rebuilds — If you just don’t like your chimney or it was poorly built from the start, we can always tear it down and build a new one out of the material of your choice, be that brick, stone, or wood. We’re experienced working with all materials and we’ve rebuilt countless chimneys in the Kansas City area over the years. We know what makes a chimney long-lasting and high-performing and we pay attention to every little detail with care. With our CSIA-certified team on the job, you can rest assured your new chimney will be attractive, well-designed, strong, and long-lasting.

We also repair and rebuild fireboxes, fireplaces, and smoke chambers!

How’s your masonry chimney looking? Is it time to give it a little care and attention? Call Sleep Easy at 816-471-4435 or reach out to us here on our website and we’ll repair and restore it right.


Repairing your prefab chimney chase is just one of the many chimney and fireplace repair services we provide. Ask one our experts for more information today.

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