Chimney Waterproofing — The Easy & Affordable Way To Prevent Chimney Leaks & Water Damage

Here at Sleep Easy, we want to make sure the chimneys of Kansas City stay strong, attractive, and in excellent condition, decade after decade — and we know that takes some effort and planning. But what can you do to prevent leaks and water damage, rather than react to them?

One of the smartest things you can do to ensure the longevity and integrity of your chimney is to invest in chimney waterproofing.

Container of ChimneySaver Water Repellent
Close up of Water Repellent Spray Being Sprayed on Bricks
Water Beading on Bricks

Our chimneys face the beating rain, sleet, ice, and snow throughout the year, and all this moisture can cause deterioration and decay in the brick and mortar joints. As masons, we know that masonry needs to be able to breathe and express vapor, but it also needs to be protected against water penetration if it’s going to last. Otherwise, you’ll see cracks, holes, and receding mortar joints, as well as discolored masonry and flaking brick along your chimney stack.

That’s why we trust ChimneySaver water repellent. This 100% vapor-permeable product was designed exclusively for masonry chimneys and is 99.9% effective in preventing moisture penetration. It also protects against damaging things like the following:

  • the freeze/thaw cycle
  • mold, mildew, and fungus
  • efflorescence and staining

Here are some other qualities that set ChimneySaver apart from other waterproofing products in hardware stores and home improvement stores:

  • It won’t leave a glossy look to your masonry
  • It carries a 10-year warranty
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • It won’t trap or slow down vapor that’s produced when the chimney’s in use

What About The Rest Of The Chimney — Can You Waterproof The Crown & Flashing?

Now that you know how to easily and affordably protect the masonry of your chimney against leaks and water damage, what about the rest of your chimney? Is there a way to safeguard things like your crown and your flashing?


We also waterproof flashing using FlashSeal and prevent water damage and water entry on crowns using CrownSeal, CrownCoat, or CrownSaver. As long as you have a quality chimney cap installed as well, you should be able to cross chimney leaks and water damage off your list of worries for the next decade.

Sound like a good plan? We think so too. Give us a call at 816-471-4435 to schedule your chimney waterproofing service today and get the peace of mind you deserve. You can also fill out an appointment request form right here on our website!


You can get long-lasting protection against chimney leaks with stainless steel chase cover and chimney cap installation.

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