Chimney Inspections

Sleep Easy Chimney Service is a chimney service company for all of your needs.

We are now proud to say we are a FULL home vent cleaning company. We can help you with almost any vent cleaning needs from Chimneys, Dryer Vents, and now Furnace Air Ducts. Our qualified staff is well trained and professional.
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We can repair, service, or replace just about anything to do with the vents in your home. We are primarily a chimney company, so we can take care of your chimney needs: from repairing deteriorated brick, small tuck pointing jobs, to large tear downs and rebuilds. Chimney Relining is also a very important service we offer. When a chimney sustains a flue fire or a quick heating of the flue it causes cracks in the lining. According to NFPA code 211 when the flue liner is cracked and or has bad mortar joints the chimney needs to be relined with approved material.

Chimney Inspections

Here at Sleep Easy, we utilize two methods of inspections, and Glenn Simmons, the owner, is a fully certified chimney professional with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). The reason to have your chimney inspected is because of the deterioration that takes place over time, and because of possible damage that could have been caused by a flue fire at some point in the home's history. The flue system itself can be unable to perform it's needed task, which is to properly vent the products of combustion. If there are gaps between the clay tile, flue liner, or cracks in those liners, heat and gasses can escape into areas where they should not be. The other concern is that we like to think the chimney was built properly in the first place, although through our years of experience, we find that this is not the case. So here are the types of inspections that we offer:

  1. The first type of inspection is a level one visual inspection it is just how it sounds we visually inspect all the areas of the chimney that we can get to and view with a high-powered flashlight. This includes if the roof is accessible the inspection of the brickwork the concrete crown on top of the chimney and the flashing around the chimney and roof area.
  2. The second inspection is a level two inspection Which is the same as the level one, the difference is we run a camera through the flue system to inspect the individual mortar joints in between the clay tile flue liner. This is the most comprehensive inspection. We use very portable high-tech camera  inspection equipment that we can also utilize in inspecting your dryer vents and your furnace air duct system showing before and after videos and pictures.

If problems were found we are able to do all of our own repair work.

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