Is your chimney’s brickwork spalling and breaking down? This can both put a damper on your curb appeal and make your fireplace unsafe for regular use. Cracks and holes throughout your masonry leave easy pathways for smoke, flames, and poisonous gases to escape into other parts of your home. This increases your likelihood of experiencing fires, carbon monoxide exposure, and more.

If you ask us, it’s not worth taking any chances, which is why we suggest investing in the care you deserve from the CSIA certified team here at Sleep Easy Chimney. We put your safety above everything else!

What Causes Brick To Spall?red chimney on white roof

Why might your brickwork and mortar be breaking down? Well, one typical cause is water damage. When water gets absorbed into your masonry, it starts to break it down in a hurry leading to cracking, crumbling, and spalling throughout your structure. You could also face the freeze/thaw process which puts a lot of stress and strain on your system, as a whole.

Other times the chimney was simply constructed incorrectly from the beginning, and sometimes damage is caused by bad weather or collisions. No matter the issue at hand our team is equipped to tackle the problem.

How Can We Help?

One service we offer that is known to improve the strength and aesthetic of your masonry is tuckpointing (or repointing). Many look at cracks in their structure and attempt a do-it-yourself fix with a caulk gun. This is not recommended. Tuckpointing services done by a trained professional will ensure the job gets done thoroughly and correctly.

Tuckpointing consists of removing damaged mortar and replacing it with new mortar. This new mortar needs to match the old in both style and texture to ensure your results look good and stand the test of time. Various factors need to be considered to get you the streamlined look you deserve, so leaving it to the pros is always your best bet.

We can also assist when it comes to rebuilds. Like we said, sometimes your chimney structure was simply built poorly, to begin with, in which case we may suggest doing things over. In these cases, we can give your dream chimney, ensuring the style and color match perfectly with your current set-up. And you won’t have to worry about structural soundness! When you count on our team, we do things right from the very start.

Why Now?

With spring weather here in full swing and fall and winter still months away, now is an ideal time to invest in repairs for your chimney and fireplace. Our sweeps are less busy, the weather outside is ideal for curing the materials we use, and you won’t be left without a chimney when the holidays come back around.

Why wait? Call today, so we can set you up with care you deserve!