Here at Sleep Easy Chimney Service & Repair, we take training and education seriously. One way we do this is by earning and maintaining certifications with reputable organizations like the CSIA. We also have many memberships with highly-regarded groups, such as the NFPA, the NCSG, and more, and our long list of positive reviews shows how satisfied we have left hundreds of customers.

HomeAdvisor-BadgesAnother thing that highlights our commitment to excellence is our many HomeAdvisor awards. This well-known website offers consumers the opportunity to see how various companies stack up against one another, and there’s no doubt that a business that is highly ranked on HomeAdvisor will leave you completely satisfied with your end results.

Learn more about the many awards and recognitions we’ve earned below, then call today to book an appointment with our team. From sweepings to crown repair to rebuilds and more, we can cover all of your chimney-related needs, no problem.

Top-Rated Award

The top-rated award is given to companies that are highly rated by homeowners who visit the HomeAdvisor website. It shows that the company is highly recommended and past customers would urge others to hire them for future services. There is no doubt that this is a big honor for any company to obtain, and we are proud to have so many great customers throughout our service area. We appreciate your reviews immensely!

Elite Service Award

Now, in an industry where you are entering someone’s home and helping them achieve great aesthetic appeal through the use of a fireplace, superior customer service is a must. To earn the elite service award, homeowners have to rate you highly in this customer service category, and it’s not hard for businesses to fall short when it comes to offering personalized, professional care.

Well, here at Sleep Easy, subpar service just isn’t an option for us, which is why many of our customers say that we truly set the bar when it comes to customer service. We hope to continue exceeding expectations for many more years to come!

Seal of Approval

HomeAdvisor has a special screening process that every business must pass before being allowed on their site. The company must be licensed, properly identified, and it must pass a criminal background check, too. It must also be in good standing throughout the state, and if any of these criteria are not met, the seal of approval will not be given, thus removing the business from HomeAdvisor’s network.

This screening process is repeated every two years, to ensure standards are maintained, and if any issues or concerns arise, the business will be rescreened then, as well. Sleep Easy Chimney passed these requirements with flying colors, and we continue to do so year after year. We will always strive to be the best!

100 Reviews Award

Reviews are one of the best ways for homeowners to check out a company before making any commitments. It ensures no time or money is wasted, and it removes a lot of stress from the process, as well. Needless to say, a company with only a few reviews probably doesn’t have a lot of business, or maybe it doesn’t encourage customers to give reviews for fear of hearing something bad. All in all, if you research a business and no one has anything to say about them, it’s not the most encouraging sign, and it doesn’t help you make any firm decisions.

That’s why we were thrilled to receive the 100 Reviews Award, and since then those numbers have raised dramatically to close to 500 reviews! And you can bet that the majority of these are highly positive, with over 430 being a 4-star rating or above. Trusting in us is definitely a safe bet.

10 Year Award

Now, as you can imagine, maintaining all these awards overtime isn’t an easy feat, but we are proud to say that we have been highly ranked on HomeAdvisor for over 10 years now! This shows that not only are we known for providing exceptional care, but that we are consistent in doing so. If a company has been providing top-notch services for ten years and counting, you can bet you won’t be disappointed when you hire them for a job.

Take the stress out of picking a pro by going with us from the start. You’ll be happy you didn’t take any chances!

Best of HomeAdvisor

Now, HomeAdvisor gives out its own special award to businesses, as well, if the organization is able to meet certain requirements. They must provide excellent services, generate a lot of reviews, and maintain a high-quality level of work to ensure customers stay as satisfied as possible with every passing season. If you do this, you may be qualified to win! After obtaining the honor, you can promote your elite status to earn even more customers, ensuring everyone throughout your service area has the chance to take advantage of your great products and services.

We’ve Got You Covered

No matter what, our team will have you covered. We put enormous amounts of time and effort into ensuring our customer base stays as safe and protected as possible, and we never cut corners or take shortcuts. When you work with us, you only get the best! Call today.