When the weather is chilly and snowy, the last thing most people want to do is spend their day outdoors. Staying inside isn’t all bad, especially if you have a good supply of games, books, movies, and snacks, but if your indoor air quality isn’t the best, the health of you and your loved ones could suffer immensely. Sickness can turn a fun-filled evening spent indoors into a disaster in no time, so take action today to ensure your indoor air quality doesn’t suffer.

Regularly Mop and Vacuum

Vacuuming and cleaning your floors just once or twice per week can have a huge impact on the quality of air you are breathing. This, along with clearing clutter and regularly washing bedding, blankets, and pillow cases, will all contribute to fresher, cleaner air in your household. Assign a chore list to get everyone in on it! Just one day a week could be exactly what you need to live healthier for the long run.

Invest In A Chimney Cleaning

When dirt, creosote, nesting materials, and other debris builds up inside of your chimney, all it takes is a few downdrafts to get your home smelling unpleasant and your air quality to suffer. A thorough cleaning will work wonders in ensuring your home stays fresher and cleaner! Ask our team about getting a cleaning scheduled with a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff would be happy to help you out. 

Along with this, we can ensure your chimney cap is in good shape, and we can discuss the possibility of installing a top-sealing damper. Both of these devices significantly reduce draft issues, which will help keep the air in your home less contaminated from things inside of your chimney.

Open Doors & Windows

We know, we know… opening windows and doors isn’t common practice in the winter months, but on days where things are a bit warmer and sunnier try to open a window or two for at least a little bit. This gives fresh air a chance to enter and other contaminants the opportunity to escape. Just a little bit of outside air can make a big impact!

Try To Get Outdoors

Like we said, opening some windows in your home is good for air quality, but what’s better yet? Get outside yourself! Bundle up and take a brisk walk, build a snow fort with your kids, or put your snowman-building skills to the test. Getting out and breathing in that fresh air will ensure you still get that good-quality air your body needs, despite warmer temperatures still being weeks away.

Change Your Filters

Replace your furnace filter every couple of months (more if you have pets) to ensure it is equipped to effectively trap dust, dirt, hair, and other allergens that are floating through your air. You’ll get fresher breaths day after day, and your furnace won’t be forced to work extra hard, ensuring your energy bills stay in check. It’s a win all around!

Purchase An Air Purifier

It’s all in the name – air purifiers are known to create purer air throughout your home, so that you don’t have to stress as much about possibly inhaling harmful toxins, mold, chemicals, and the like. They can also help reduce smelly odors from the chimney or from pets, and they are especially beneficial to those who have breathing related issues, such as asthma or allergies.

Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors Installed

One of the most harmful things that can enter your air is carbon monoxide. It is highly poisonous, and its colorless, odorless nature makes it next to impossible to detect. Thousands become ill every single year due to exposure and hundreds pass away. This is definitely a fume you don’t want to mess with!

Carbon monoxide detectors will offer warning should this gas be present in your home, saving you a scary and expensive trip to the hospital. Have them installed on every level of your home, as well as outside all bedrooms – it’s well worth it!l

Take Action Today

What are you waiting for? All it takes is a few simple steps to keep your air more pure and your family in the best health possible. And if your chimney is the problem, our qualified techs are just a phone call away. Let’s work together and get this process started!