Flue Repairs

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We are now proud to say we are a FULL home vent cleaning company. We can help you with almost any vent cleaning needs from Chimneys, Dryer Vents, and now Furnace Air Ducts. Our qualified staff is well trained and professional.
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We can repair, service, or replace just about anything to do with the vents in your home. We are primarily a chimney company, so we can take care of your chimney needs: from repairing deteriorated brick, small tuck pointing jobs, to large tear downs and rebuilds. Chimney Relining is also a very important service we offer. When a chimney sustains a flue fire or a quick heating of the flue it causes cracks in the lining. According to NFPA code 211 when the flue liner is cracked and or has bad mortar joints the chimney needs to be relined with approved material.

Flue Repairs

Most older chimney flues are constructed of ceramic tiles. These tiles can crack due to flue fires and the mortar between them can come loose as seasonal temperatures fluctuate and water damage takes hold or just because brick and mortar deteriorates. The flue system will eventually need to be replaced or repaired to properly working order. although replacing these tiles is an option it is too costly due to the NFPA code 211 stipulation that if you replace clay tiles the chimney will need to be torn down and then rebuilt as the tiles are being put back in. So relining with stainless steel is the most efficient and inexpensive repair.

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