There’s no denying that wood-burning fireplaces offer countless benefits. The fuel is cheap, renewable, and easy to access, and the classic aesthetic they create is unbeatable. Along with this, many people thoroughly enjoy the process of building a fire, throwing a log on now and then, and soaking in the great smells, sounds, and warmth that these units are known to create.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of downsides to wood-burning fireplaces, as well. If your model is on the older side, you’ve likely noticed some inefficiency. Between troublesome drafts, creosote accumulation, and lots of harmful emissions being poured into the air, there can be a lot to worry about! If you’ve been feeling frustrated and guilty about the toll your fireplace is taking on your budget, home, and the environment, consider working with our team to find a solution that works for you.

Upgrade Your Fireplace

a modern living with a modern floating fireplaceNow, if you’re looking to update your fireplace, there are a few different options we can offer to ensure you get the most from your investment. Most modern models are EPA certified, and we are proud to sell all different styles and sizes, as well. We are certain you’ll love your new unit – air will flow smoother, minimizing smoke, fumes, and creosote accumulation, and you’ll experience less ash buildup, too. All in all, you’ll have more productive fires without all of the waste.

Consider Switching To A Stove Or Insert

Other options include switching to a stove or adding an insert into your existing unit. If you want to keep your existing set up the same, then an insert would be a great route to go. They are simply fitted into your current fireplace, and once they are in, you are good to go! You’ll get more heat, longer burns, and improved efficiency you’ve been desiring.

Another option is a stove. These options are better for those with less space. If you still want an efficient wood-fueled heat source without feeling limited on room or placement, then this is the right choice for you. We have lots of styles and design options to choose from and a wide range of sizes. Call today, and we can help you get started!

Trust A Pro With Your Installation Work

When it comes to installing a new appliance into your home, it is important to ensure everything is done correctly. Even a small mistake can lead to inefficiency, gas leaks, fires, and other dangerous scenarios in your home. Trust our team of CSIA certified professionals to get the job done right! Our experts are qualified, experienced, and eager to keep homes throughout our service area safe. If you live in or around Kansas City, reach out to us today!