Due for a chimney cleaning? With the holidays behind us and a new year in tow, many homeowners find themselves wondering if this extra expense is really worth it. If you’re looking to save a few dollars by neglecting your annual chimney maintenance, let us offer some sound advice – don’t! Skimping on necessary care is not only dangerous, but it will likely wind up costing you even more money in-home repairs, medical bills, and damage control down the line.

chimney/house fireReady to learn more? We’re here for you! Keep reading for more insight into the dangers of skipping your chimney cleaning, then count on the team here at Sleep Easy Chimney to help you every step of the way. We strive for your satisfaction!

Creosote & Chimney Fires

First and foremost, let’s talk about creosote. This substance forms along the interior walls of your chimney as you light fires, and it can come in a few different forms – light and flaky, tar-like and gooey, or hard and glossy. No matter which type you are dealing with, creosote is highly dangerous because of its flammable nature. If too much is present within your flue, it could easily ignite, spreading flames throughout your structure and causing a whole lot of damage throughout the process.

Now, when fire fills your flue, this is known as a chimney fire and, as you can imagine, it is very harmful to the health and integrity of your entire system. As strong and sturdy as your masonry is, it’s not meant to have direct contact with flames, and the high temperatures will cause your brickwork and mortar to melt and crumble in a hurry.

Once your chimney has experienced damage of this nature, operating it becomes extremely dangerous. The gaps, cracks, and holes created by the chimney fire will leave clear and easy pathways for smoke, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases to enter your home, and the health of loved ones will be affected tremendously.

If you have yet to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home, we strongly urge you to do so! In the event of a fire, most people only have a couple of minutes to safely exit the area and a smoke detector could offer the only warning sign that trouble is amiss. Along with this, carbon monoxide detectors are typically the only way of knowing if the colorless, odorless, and highly poisonous gas is present.

Along with gas and smoke exposure, the damage left behind by chimney fires can also allow flames to enter your home. Once any adjacent woodwork is exposed, it could only be a matter of hours before things start going up in flames.

And don’t assume you’ll always know when a chimney fire has occurred. In fact, in most cases, the homeowner has no idea! In only rare instances are these events loud and obvious, meaning many continue putting their system to use without realizing how many risks they face by doing so. All in all, one of the most effective steps you can take to avoid a catastrophic event of this nature is to get your cleaning on the books today, and our professional crew is here to help with all. Reach out now!

Clogs & Smoke Back-Up

Another major issue that occurs when one fails to get their system professionally cleaned is when clogs and obstructions cause smoke and other harmful fumes to back up into your household. Many times homeowners experience clogs because their chimney opening isn’t properly covered. This gives birds, squirrels, raccoons, and all kinds of other critters easy access to your warm, cozy structure, and most of the animals will attempt to build nests, so they can care for their young.

Now, obviously, lighting a fire when a bunch of flammable materials are jammed into your flue isn’t safe for you, and it isn’t safe for the animals that put them there, either. You’ll have smoke pouring into your living space before you know it, and your risk of chimney fires will increase, too. Make the right choice by getting our experienced and qualified team on the job today. Your home and family only deserve the best!

As far as preventing clogs and obstructions from forming again in the future, investing in a chimney cap will be your best course of action. These devices offer a strong line of defense against curious woodland creatures, along with all kinds of outside debris, and they prevent water and downdrafts from going into your flue, as well. All in all, they’re an affordable piece of equipment that can save you big dollars down the line. Ask our crew about installing yours today!

Our CSIA Certified Experts Are Here For You

Here at Sleep Easy Chimney, we take pride in obtaining certifications with various reputable organizations like the CSIA and the NFPA, and we have won many awards over the years for our unparalleled customer service. We use only the best products around, and we’ve been serving the Kansas City area for well over three decades, so you can bet we know our stuff.

If you’re hoping to put your chimney and fireplace in the best hands possible, then we’re the only crew to hire for the job. Reach out today!