Has your throat damper been giving you trouble? These models have been working well for homeowners over the years, but they tend to rust and corrode over time. This makes them hard to operate, and they often let in cold air, which affects your energy bills in the wintertime. If you are looking for a solution that will give you better results and more efficiency, consider investing in a top-sealing damper. Our team can install one for you in no time!

What Is A Top-Sealing Damper?chimney blowing smoke

Top-sealing dampers, or top-mounted dampers, sit at the top of your chimney, rather than the throat. They have a rubber gasket around the rim, giving you a tight, reliable seal. Throat dampers have a metal-on-metal seal, which isn’t as ideal and often leads to air leaks. The newer devices tend to offer a lot more benefits than old-fashioned counterparts, which is why many people are making the switch to top-sealing dampers.

They Are Energy Efficient

Like we mentioned, you’ll notice energy savings when you install a top-mounted damper. Along with keeping cold air out in the winter, they also keep your air-conditioned air in throughout the summer. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature shouldn’t be such a challenge, and paying more because your damper isn’t doing its job is frustrating. Why not save yourself the stress and money by getting a damper that will get the job done? We can help.

They Keep Out Water, Debris & More

Top-sealing dampers are also effective at keeping out harmful things. They’ll work alongside your chimney cap to ensure excess moisture doesn’t enter your flue and damage the liner. They also keep out animals, nesting materials, dirt, twigs, leaves, and all kinds of other debris. That extra layer of protection will be well worth it when you aren’t shelling out hundreds of dollars on repairs!

They Take On Less Wear & Tear

Because the throat damper is so low in your chimney, it receives a lot of wear and tears from your fires. Flames and high temperatures take their toll, and you may need to invest in extra maintenance sooner than you’re expecting. Top-sealing dampers won’t be exposed to the extreme heat of your fireplace, so you can count on it standing the test of time – a worthwhile investment!

Call Now To Beat The Rush

When it comes to scheduling chimney maintenance, scheduling now during the summer is always your best bet. Our calendar fills up fast once temperatures drop, and it can be a struggle to book a convenient time slot for you. Save yourself some stress and get a time that works best for you by calling on us now. We can even get your annual inspection done, so you’ll be all set on that first chilly evening! Reach out today – we look forward to hearing from you.