Most businesses face times throughout the year where they experience a boom in sales, and for chimney companies, that time is now. As temperatures Chimneysdrop and department stores begin to set up their holiday decor, homeowners get anxious to light fires and get that festive ambiance going in their living spaces. If you are one of the many gearing up to put your fireplace to use, then the time to get your appointment scheduled is now!

Can I Skip My Inspection This Year?

Many find themselves wondering if annual inspections are actually necessary. The simple answer? Yes. Even if you only burn seasoned wood, regularly invest in sweepings, and haven’t had any major work completed in years, it is still vital to book an inspection with a team of CSIA certified experts.

Why? Because a lot can happen in a few short months! Maybe excess rains wore down your brickwork or your flashing could be facing some rust. Other times, we discover that birds or other woodland critters worked their way in and brought some nesting materials with them. There are all kinds of issues that may have occurred, and even the most vigilant homeowners have been known to miss a thing or two.

All in all, the CSIA, the NFPA, and countless reputable chimney companies all urge homeowners to invest in annual care because we want families throughout the country to stay as safe and as comfortable as possible, no matter what. Fireplace safety is never something to take lightly, so get that inspection on your calendar now.

Avoiding Wait Times On Repair Work

Now, a common scenario we see this time of year is homeowners who manage to book a convenient time for their inspection only to discover they need some repair work completed. In these cases, it’s back to the appointment book to find a good time for us to come back and address any damages, and it can lead to some frustration as the holidays get closer and closer.

If you want to avoid putting off your burning season indefinitely, then it’s important that you reach out to our team now. The sooner we can look things over, the sooner we’ll be able to tackle any issues we come across. We want everyone throughout Liberty, Blue Spring, Mission, and more to get the most from their fireplaces, and we’re happy to help as soon as we can, but one our books fill up, there isn’t a whole lot we can do.

If you want to beat the rush and guarantee your family members the coziest and most relaxing Thanksgiving and Christmas yet, reach out today. We’d be happy to work with your timeframe to find a day that’s convenient!

We Are Qualified, Experienced & Ready To Serve

The team at Sleep Easy Chimney Service is equipped with over three decades of experience, multiple certifications, and all of the best tools and products necessary for getting the job done right. There is simply no crew better to trust in the area. Call today, so we can help you out soon!