Sleep Easy Chimney Service & Repair is known for offering exceptional chimney and fireplace care, but did you know we do dryer venting cleaning, as well? That’s right – make us your one-stop shop for it all by scheduling an appointment with our qualified crew right away. This is a necessary investment that will help your appliance run more efficiently and keep your home safer, too. Learn more below.

Reduce Your Risk Of Fire Todaywoman looking at clothes in her arms

Dirty dryer vents increase your risk of experiencing a fire significantly. Failing to regularly clean your lint trap makes your appliance more susceptible to overheating, which can lead to flames in a hurry. As a homeowner, it is important to clean your filter, as well as the back of your dryer, and to never run cycles without the filter properly in place.

Along with this, investing in professional maintenance is vital when it comes to ensuring your system runs safer. Having qualified experts thoroughly clean out your vents with the appropriate tools and equipment will reduce your risk of dryer fires significantly. It is when these pieces become clogged that you start facing real danger.

All in all, a dryer fire can turn into a house fire within a few minutes, putting your loved ones in harm’s way and costing you hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of dollars in damages. Investing in regular dryer vent cleanings is the easier, smarter, and more cost-effective route. Schedule your appointment with our team today.

Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide exposure is another risk you face when dirty dryer vents are neglected. Clogs force fumes and harmful vapors back into your home where your family members could inhale them and become seriously ill. Don’t take any chances. Count on us from the start!

Signs You Are Overdue

Not sure when your vents were last cleaned? It is recommended to invest in at least one cleaning per year, so if you know it has been over 12 months, get one on the books right away. Otherwise, common signs of a clogged vent include:

  • longer than normal drying time
  • musty odors
  • excess lint in/around the dryer
  • high temperatures in the laundry room
  • excessive heat from the appliance itself
  • a broken dryer vent hood flap

Don’t Wait – Call Today

When it comes right down to it, no one should have to run their dryer through multiple cycles to get their clothes dry and ready to wear. This wastes time and energy, and it causes your monthly bills to skyrocket, too. Along with this, it is dangerous, and it increases your risk of fires, as well as carbon monoxide exposure, significantly.

There is no point in putting it off, give our experts a call today. Sleep Easy Chimney has your back every step of the way!