Many think of chimney care as something to worry about in the fall or wintertime, but if you are looking to keep your system safer for use and running as efficiently as possible, then year-round maintenance is really the way to go. With warmer days upon us and your burning season likely at its end, one thing we recommend investing in is a chimney cleaning. Learn more about the many benefits below.

Avoiding Nasty Odorsoutdoor patio

Throughout every burning season, a substance called creosote forms in your chimney as you burn fires. Creosote comes in a few different forms (light and flaky, sticky and tar-textured, or hard and glossy), but no matter its form, it is dangerous, flammable, and it can cause your chimney to stink, especially in the humid summer months.

If you are already facing smelly downdrafts coming through your chimney, a thorough cleaning will help immensely. It will also ensure your system is safer for use, should you decide to light a fire at some point in the next few months. A lot of creosote can lead to a chimney fire in no time, putting your entire household at risk, so clearing it out on a regular basis is a must.

By removing creosote now, you guarantee a much better aesthetic in your home throughout the months ahead, and we can introduce other methods of avoiding downdrafts, as well, such as chimney caps and dampers. Call today to learn more.

Avoiding Future Damages

Creosote is also known for causing damage to your chimney liner. Without a proper functioning liner in place, your fireplace will work much less efficiently, and you will face some serious threats, as well, such as fires and gas leaks. The more creosote you have and the more hardened it becomes, the more wear your liner will face.

Clearing these materials out now guarantees your chimney stays in the best shape possible for the long haul. Why let harmful creosote sit in your flue and potentially cause damage all summer long when you can simply have it removed now with help from our CSIA certified and trained crew? Let us help you out soon.

Avoiding Scheduling Stresses

It’s a simple fact that sweeps are extra busy throughout fall and winter and more available throughout spring and summer. Because of this, scheduling is a lot easier this time of year, giving you more freedom when it comes to making an appointment that works well with your calendar.

Avoid the stress and give yourself peace of mind knowing that your fireplace will be in good shape and ready for regular use on those first chilly days of fall. While your neighbors are struggling to book a cleaning, you will be relaxing in front of a warm hearth, glad you got your maintenance out of the way early.

The team here at Sleep Easy Chimney is eager to help you out. We’ll have you back every step of the way! Call us today at 816-471-4435 to get started.