Craving the ambiance and warmth of a crackling fire, but don’t want to mess around with hauling and storing wood? Well, there are other options out there for you! Wood-burning units are great for some, but others want something easier. Don’t want to worry about constantly tending a fire, clearing out ash, or cleaning up after a woodpile? Then it’s time to find a different fuel type.

If you are looking for something easy to maintain that is equally as cozy and inviting, then gas or pellet-fueled appliances may be the right choice for you.

Pellet Stoves & InsertsPellet & Gas Stoves or Fireplaces

Pellet stoves are ideal for many because they still use wood to create real fires, without the work involved. Instead of requiring full-sized logs, they use small pellets, which are easy to load and typically easier to store. Just load up the hopper once or twice a day, then enjoy the warmth.

Pellet-fueled appliances are known for burning cleanly and efficiently, too. You’ll be saving money on your energy bills in no time, and you won’t be sending a ton of harmful emissions into the air either. Worried about losing out on heat? Don’t! Pellet stoves and inserts provide great heat for the home. They are a great choice for anyone. Ready to learn more? Talk with our team today.

Gas Stoves, Inserts, Fireplaces & Logs

Gas-fueled appliances have grown a lot in popularity throughout recent years and there is no doubt they are easy to operate. All you do is flip a switch or push a button, depending on the model you have, and you have a cozy fire. Gas fireplaces are also incredibly efficient, so you’ll have your living space heated up in no time.

Like pellet appliances, gas is also known for burning cleaner, and gas logs come in a lot of realistic styles and designs, so it will look just like the real thing. Still have questions? Ask us about our gas logs today. In no time, you will be set up to enjoy countless cozy evenings indoors. We have a wide range of options, so let’s get started today.

A Cozier Winter Is Just A Phone Call Away

There are still weeks of winter left to get through, so make the cold days more bearable with the fireplace, stove, or insert of your dreams. Whatever you would like, Sleep Easy Chimney Service & Repair can help you out! Talk with our team of CSIA certified chimney experts today.

Then, once your new unit is correctly installed and set up, count on us for inspections, repairs, and sweepings, as well. Appliances that are regularly maintained are known for operating safer and more efficiently, and they will last a lot longer, too. Don’t skimp – count on our team for it all.