Chimney fires are one of the worst things that can happen to your chimney. They cause a lot of damage, and they make your system very unsafe. In fact, over 20,000 house fires occur every single year due to causes related to chimney fires. Fortunately, we can work together to lower this statistic and keep homes and families in the area safer.

If you are concerned with the state of your chimney, contact the Sleep Easy crew today. We are excited about promoting chimney health and providing families with the care and dedication they need when it comes to their fireplace. The time to call on us is now!

Creosote & Chimney FiresInvest In Chimney Cleanings For A Safer Home

One of the most effective ways to prevent chimney fires from occurring is to invest in regular chimney sweepings and cleanings. Why does this help? Well, when a sweep cleans your chimney, they get rid of all that flammable built-up creosote. Creosote forms as you burn fires in your fireplace and it needs to be regularly removed to help your system function as safely and efficiently as possible.

What does creosote look like? It can appear in a few different forms. Sometimes  it is light and flaky, while other times is sticky and tar-like. In worst case scenarios, you will have glazed creosote, which is hard and glossy. This takes more time to remove and your sweep will likely need to incorporate the use of strong chemicals.

No matter how it looks, creosote is dangerous and it is important to get it out. The more you have, the higher your risk is of experiencing damage!

Home Safety & Your Chimney

When the heat and flames from your fire extend up through the chimney, it can trigger a lot of problems in a hurry. The intense heat is known to melt mortar, crack brickwork, and warp any metal components throughout the flue. As you can imagine, this puts a big damper on your fireplace’s efficiency, and it inhibits it from venting properly.

As things continue to deteriorate, you may notice problems with a smoky living space, and you will also be more vulnerable to stray flames and dangerous gases entering your home. It does not take long for fires to spread through cracks in your brickwork and ignite any adjacent woodwork.

Along with this, carbon monoxide could slip through these openings and put your loved ones at risk. This deadly gas cannot be seen or smelt, so noting its presence is difficult. Many do not realize they have been exposed until it is too late. Investing in regular inspections and sweepings will keep you safer, as well as purchasing carbon monoxide detectors.

If you ask us, it is not worth taking any chances, so get in touch with our team today. We will look things over and determine whether or not repairs, sweepings, or any other type of maintenance is needed. Annual inspections are a surefire way to guarantee a safer living space, so invest in yours now for the peace of mind you deserve. We are ready to help you out!