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Air pollution, allergies, and respiratory health issues shouldn’t be things you have to worry about when you’re in your home. But even if you vacuum and dust weekly, your air ducts could be recirculating dust, dirt, and allergens, and making air quality conditions inside your home far from ideal.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we Americans spend up to 90% of our lives indoors, and even with time spent at work and school, that leaves a decent amount of time at home. What’s both surprising and unnerving is that pollutant levels indoors are sometimes as much as 100x that of outdoor levels. What’s that mean? It means that, when in your home, you and your family could be breathing in air that has a negative effect on your health — and you deserve better.

What might your air ducts be cycling through your air supply?

  • Bacteria & viruses that could make your family sick and cause rashes, coughing, respiratory infections, asthma attacks, and other health issues.
  • Dust, dirt & ash that could cause anything from asthma attacks and allergies to dizziness, cough, and respiratory infections.
  • Chemical Irritants that could cause an array of health issues.
  • Mold, mildew & fungal growth, which can cause cough, respiratory infection, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, dizziness, and respiratory irritation.
  • Tobacco Smoke that could lead to headaches, respiratory irritation, cough, infections, asthma attacks, and even lung cancer.
  • Pet dander & dust mites, which can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, cough, irritation, and dizziness.
  • Allergens like pollen, which can cause a seasonal allergy sufferer to suffer all year long.
Air Duct Cleaning

If the above has you running outside for some fresh air, take your cell phone with you and give Sleep Easy a call. We offer professional air duct cleaning and can significantly reduce the amount of dust and other nasties in your air ducts.

The quality and health of your indoor air is in your hands — call Sleep Easy at 816-471-4435 or request an appointment online to have your air ducts cleaned by one of our courteous and knowledgeable professionals. We guarantee mess-free service, and when we’re finished, you’ll sleep, and breathe, easy.


How will you know if your dryer vents need cleaning or rerouting? Call on our dryer vent and air duct experts for suggestions.

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We Accept Credit Cards


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