At Sleep Easy Chimney Service, our team of CSIA certified experts offer two levels of chimney inspections. Not sure what your system needs? Learn more about each of these inspections below, then give us a call today, so that we can schedule your inspection right away!

All About Level One Inspections

masonry chimney with nice capLevel one inspections are completed when your system has a history of regular check-ups, and when your fireplace hasn’t undergone any major repair or restoration in the last year. your chimney seems to be working fine, then this is all you will need. So, what does this entail? A level one inspection is an overview of all readily accessible parts of your chimney and fireplace. We’ll check the flashing, the crown, the brickwork, the damper, and anything else that we can get a peek at with our high-powered flashlights. No special tools are used for this inspection, as we’re just doing an overview look of your healthy system.

If everything looks structurally sound and there is no obstructions present, then we’ll give you our stamp of approval, and you can start lighting fires! It’s that simple, and it’s well worth your piece of mind. Ensure a safer winter season of fires by calling our team in today!

All About Level Two Inspections

Some systems require a level two inspection, which is a bit more in-depth. During a level two inspection, we’ll look at all readily accessible parts, but we’ll also do a video inspection to ensure every nook and cranny is up to par. This won’t require any demolition equipment or the removal of your chimney parts.

This level of inspection is recommended if there has been major changes to your system over the last year, such as a remodel or renovation. They are also recommended if you have undergone structural damage or have been involved in some type of natural disaster. Selling or buying a home? A level two inspection is required throughout this process, too. Are you ready to get a detailed look at your chimney? Call in our professional crew! We’ve got the tools, experience, and the know-hows, so that you can rest easy this winter!

Is There Damage Or Build-Up Present In Your System?

If our sweeps notice any obstructions, clogs, cracks, holes, or other issues in your system, you don’t need to worry about a thing! We’re experts in chimney and fireplace, so we can handle anything! Trust us for your chimney repairs, sweepings, venting care, and more. We’re your one-stop shop! Call right away to learn more!