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Sleep Easy Chimney Service is a complete chimney service, sweeping and repair company, with over thirty years of experience.

Using the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry, Sleep Easy employs the most efficient, effective and up-to-date techniques to repair your flue system. Our employees are professional, courteous, and punctual. We are fully insured for your protection and the protection of your dwelling. Call today to schedule a full evaluation at 816-471-4435. Sleep Easy offers custom chimney job pricing, gutter protection, roof stain removal, and dryer vent cleaning.

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The reason why chimney caps were invented.
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Chimneys in this condition are all too common. The freeze-thaw cycles of winters here are hard on chimneys. Water can enter through small cracks in the bricks or mortar, freeze, expand, thaw, and allow even more water to re-enter the crack and start the cycle all over again. Don't let damaged, leaky chimneys lead to even larger issues in the home. Schedule an inspection today and let us advise you on what repairs or preventative measures are best for your situation.
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An annual chimney inspection performed by a qualified professional can help prevent carbon monoxide intrusion and chimney fires. These inspections can also identify potential system issues to address them before they become costly. ​ ​
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When most people think of chimneys, they think of fireplaces. For thousands of years, humans have gathered around the open fire for a sense of safety and community, and the fireplace is still the focus of family living in many homes, especially around the holidays.

But in spite of all the glowing aesthetics, there are some practical considerations. When you're dealing with an element as dangerous as fire, knowledge is power. Please read on to learn how to make your fireplace both safer and more enjoyable.
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Not many people get to see what chimney technicians see. This is a photo of a chimney that has a wood burning appliance attached to it. All the puffy grey stuff is creosote that has been burned up in a chimney fire. The shiny black stuff is creosote that has not burned yet. The visible flue tile is cracked and displaced. This chimney can no longer function as intended. It cannot contain the by products of combustion (Creosote, carbon monoxide, heat) Chimneys are not designed to withstand an internal fire. They are not combustion chambers. The condition of this chimney is what our CSIA Certified techs have been dealing with and correcting. Be warm, be safe, and breathe easy with us as your chimney caretaker.
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