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Sleep Easy Chimney Service is a complete chimney service, sweeping and repair company, with over thirty years of experience.

Using the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry, Sleep Easy employs the most efficient, effective and up-to-date techniques to repair your flue system. Our employees are professional, courteous, and punctual. We are fully insured for your protection and the protection of your dwelling. Call today to schedule a full evaluation at 816-471-4435. Sleep Easy offers custom chimney job pricing, gutter protection, roof stain removal, and dryer vent cleaning.

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27th of September 2017 04:55 PM
Over the course of the winter, you use your fire quite often. As the fire burns, the smoke is directed up and out of the chimney. After so much use, sometimes the tar fog, water vapor, minerals, unburned wood particles, and other chemicals don’t make it all the way out of your chimney. Instead, they condense on the top part of the chimney where the air is cooler. The substance that is left on the inside of your chimney is a highly flammable substance called creosote. Beyond the risk of chimney fire, this can also cause health problems – such as causing your mouth and eyes to burn, or even having an upset stomach!
25th of September 2017 04:53 PM
If you’re looking at getting a great cleaning, the first thing to do is to make sure that you don’t use your fire for at least 24 hours before your cleaning is scheduled. Make sure that you leave a clear path to the fireplace. You can do this by moving furniture back or removing any other obstacles that might be in the way. If you have pets, keep them out of the room for their safety and the safety of the workers. Move any valuables from the mantelpiece or the room, so that you don’t have to worry about them getting broken!
22nd of September 2017 04:52 PM
Your chimney sweep isn’t only going to be coming in to clean your chimney, he’ll also be inspecting it. What he’s looking for is extensive creosote build-up, animal nests, or other debris that may be obstructing the chimney. They will also be looking for structural damage that might have occurred. Believe it or not, you may have even had a chimney fire without knowing it! Once your chimney sweep has determined whether your chimney just needs a good cleaning, or if more extensive repairs are in order, you’ll be ready for the next step.
21st of September 2017 04:26 PM Link
20th of September 2017 04:50 PM
One reason you may have put off having your chimney swept? Maybe you’re just worried about what the procedure entails. Will your house get messy? Will it take a long time? How many people will be in and out of your house? There are some things to do to prepare. Fortunately, if you do these things, you’ll find out that having your chimney cleaned isn’t such a big ordeal as you might be worrying about!

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