Custom Builds

Sleep Easy Chimney Service is a chimney service company for all of your needs.

We are now proud to say we are a FULL home vent cleaning company. We can help you with almost any vent cleaning needs from Chimneys, Dryer Vents, and now Furnace Air Ducts. Our qualified staff is well trained and professional.
Don't worry you can Sleep Easy with our courteous service.

We can repair, service, or replace just about anything to do with the vents in your home. We are primarily a chimney company, so we can take care of your chimney needs: from repairing deteriorated brick, small tuck pointing jobs, to large tear downs and rebuilds. Chimney Relining is also a very important service we offer. When a chimney sustains a flue fire or a quick heating of the flue it causes cracks in the lining. According to NFPA code 211 when the flue liner is cracked and or has bad mortar joints the chimney needs to be relined with approved material.

Custom Builds

Outdoor living is a large part of what we do. While the structure of indoor chimneys and fireplaces can be restricted by existing architecture, your outdoor living spaces allow custom builds that can give way to more creativity. Your custom outdoor fireplace or pizza oven can be made out of any material of your choosing: whether it be brick natural stone or cultured stone. Our expert masons can help you to choose the correct material for your situation and area. Sleep Easy's Masons have studied under a Master Mason and engineer from the East Coast, employing his specific designs that allow for efficient big open fireplaces and pizza ovens that can reach temperatures of 1000°. We can integrate these new units into an existing living space or create an entirely new outdoor area. Give your outdoor living area the unique one-of-a-kind pizza oven or fireplace and make your neighbors jealous. Call us today for free quote 816-471-4435 ask for Glen.

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